Found in the Caribbean between North and South America there are several islands. The Bahamas lie there, the virgin islands are there and many other little pieces of land. One island in the Caribbean that is ranked 11th in the New York Times Magazine for top places to travel in 2016 is Guadeloupe. If you fly Norwegian Air you can find a direct flight to Guadeloupe and be there in no time.

Many tourists visit Guadeloupe with many landmarks attracting their attention. The first attraction to visit, ranked number one is the Guadeloupe National Park. In this park you can find a variety of things to look at and be surrounded by. This park encompasses 300 kilometers of hiking trails and a wide range of plants and animals. Don’t be frightened to walk upon a woodpecker. If you’re a birdwatcher, the Guadeloupe National Park is for you as it has up to 11 different species of bats. Also located in this park are tropical rain forests with different trees and bamboos crowding over you in every direction. On all the trails throughout this amazing park you can stand upon a lots of scenic lookout points. These include picnic areas, a jungle, and multiple waterfalls. Just remember to not go to close to the edge of the cliffs. Next up on your top rated attractions in Guadeloupe is the La Soufriere. The La Soufriere is an active volcano open to all visitors which has erupted eight times since 1660. Near and around the volcano are mud pools and hot springs. Hot springs are little pools that are heated by the volcano overflow. These are very neat, you can swim in them but be careful for the deadly animals that live within them. I have been warned by a park ranger before on the eels found in hot springs. Other than the volcano, hot springs and mud pools you can hike several trails leading up to the unknown. This trip is adventurous and very beautiful with many picture moments. Lastly, the more relaxing part of the vacation has arrived. Visit the terre-de-Bas island off of western Guadeloupe. On the Terre-de-Bas you will find a nice bay where it is enjoyable to go snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, or just laying out under the scorching sun.

The island of Guadeloupe has a lot to offer within a little radius of land. I highly suggest you visit Guadeloupe as is it rated to be 11th on your bucket list of places to go in 2016. Don’t do too much relaxing and go explore the island. You can lay out on any beach but you can’t always meet the wildest animals in a tropical rain forest.


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