New Zealand

If you ever go to Australia, on the way to or from there you can stop at a nearby island. Located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, northeast of Australia is New Zealand. New Zealand is made up of two islands in which were created from an volcanic eruption. These islands are known apart from each other by the “North” and “South” Island. The islands are pretty comparable in size but the “South” island is a tad larger.

Many adventurers come to New Zealand because the islands have many “behind the scenes” and hidden features to it. On the list for the first adventure to take is to tour the Rotorua. The Rotorua is known to be the wonderland of New Zealand. Tourists call it this due to the natural beauty is encloses with all the geysers and hot springs. At the Rotorua you can observe many eruptions taking place. These eruptions give a colorful experience for all tourists, encouraging them to come again. Up next on the list of activities, go see Sky Tower. From the Sky Tower you can look out and view the largest city in New Zealand at a height of 328 meters. The Sky Tower not only offers various views to the people but also allows people to enjoy a fine meal in the dining area. The Sky Tower is a have to do because you will discover more about the city then you would walking through it. Another attraction you have to go see is the Tangariro National Park. This National Park is known throughout the world and popular for its surprises and extremes. The park includes a wide range of ecosystems with lakes, volcanoes, herb fields, forests, and desert-like plateaus. The hike through this National Park will take up about a whole day so be ready for a long adventure. Everything surrounding you in this park is important, the substance below you could be from 100 years ago while the water in front of you may be from three days ago.

When in New Zealand, don’t be lazy. Go explore the beautiful islands and spend your time equally on each island because they both have lots to see.



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