Road to Hana pt. 3

The red sand beach and the seven sacred pools aren’t the only things to see along the road to Hana. Those are just a small portion of the adventure.

Also found alongside the road are black sand beaches, waterfalls, and random lookout points. One specific lookout point I will never forget is the Nahiku spot. As you’re driving you will come upon a sign saying “Nahiku road goes 2.5 miles until you reach the closed bridge.” My dad turned onto the road, as we drove further down this road everything was looking a little sketchy and we were all unsure if we should be there. Eventually, we were lead to the closed bridge. We then parked the car and got out to walk over the bridge. The bridge was kind of frightening as there were cracks and holes in it. We got across and then had a ten minute hike to the lookout point. This point was amazing, no one was there and we got to see waterfalls from afar. In addition we saw waves crashing into the gigantic rock formations along the coastline. The weather was hazy and humid. With all the skeptical looks we got driving to and from this spot we were glad we did it. After this lookout we were all exhausted and decided we would continue looking at all the natural beauty from the car. You would come upon unexpected waterfalls right out your window and 400 ft. drops.

This Road to Hana trip was incredible. You are definitely missing out if you don’t drive this long, twisty, sickening road while you’re in Maui.


Road to Hana pt. 2

Other than the extravagant road, the trip is very thrilling and interesting. At one point I didn’t want the road to end because I wanted to continue viewing unexpected waterfalls, different colored birds, lush forests, and many beaches created by lava.

The road to Hana has a lot to see and you will need a whole day and maybe even an extra day to do everything you want to fit in. First, I recommend to drive the counterclockwise direction like we did. This will make sure you arrive at the seven sacred pools and the tallest waterfall in Maui before you get too tired to walk it. The hike is about four miles and you want to be in a good condition because the walk is steep at points, bumpy, narrow, and you need your balance and attentiveness. After walking through woods, bamboo, over bridges, and through cricks the falls is very neat. You can get your picture with it and enjoy it and then you have a two mile hike back. Let me tell you, the walk back goes by way faster than the walk to the falls. When you get back on ground level you can take the next loop to the seven sacred pools. These pools are connected by waterfalls flowing over edges. You almost have to experience both of these natural land forms because they are amazing. Up next to get excited for is the Red Sand beach. This beach is actually in the town of Hana. It is kind of a struggle to get to but after making it there you will be in shock with all its natural beauty. I do have to stress that the stretch to the beach is quite treacherous. You have to slide down a steep hill in which end at a cliff, and then scale the rock on the side of the mountain to get to the beach which leads you down a drop off. I promise after you get to the beach you will have no regrets because you get to see red sand, red rock, big waves held back by the lava, and a scenic view surrounds you. This beach was my favorite part about Maui and I would love to return. A tip when traveling to this beach is to also be careful when entering the trail because you have to trespass on someones lawn. Trespassing in Hawaii is illegal but with this natural landmark you should go for it.

These two activities were my favorites along the road. I highly recommend both of them and a little advice is to bring good walking tennis shoes. You will get lots of exercise. Be prepared and go out on your adventure the next time you visit Maui.

Road to Hana

The best adventure lies in the eastern end of Maui, Hawaii. Maui is an island part of the Hawaiian islands and has a very differed atmosphere depending on what side of the island you’re on. The eastern part of Maui starts drier towards the southern areas and then leads to more wet as you drive north.

Our family just vacationed to Maui for our spring break trip. Other than the amazing beaches and scorching sun, we went on the Road to Hana adventure. The Road to Hana isn’t just a straight road going through a bunch of different scenic views. This road is very windy, twisted, hilly, and narrow. It is the most complex road you will ever experience. My family and I started on the dry end of the road and then drove counterclockwise heading through the wet side. We noticed pros and cons doing the loop this way. An advantage with going counterclockwise was you get to the seven sacred pools quicker. Arriving at the sacred pools in the morning is good because it will be at the beginning of your adventure and these pools including the falls you can walk to will talk about 2.5 hours. The walk to the falls is about four miles so you will be in good shape getting it out of the way when you’re still fresh in the morning. Another advantage about driving in this direction is due to the road conditions. The road has more gravel and lose rocks along it on the drier side than the wetter side. The gravel may cause you to have to slow down or even stop periodically so the doing it at the beginning of you’re trip when you’re more alert will be beneficial. But don’t get to excited, the wetter part of Hana also has crazy curvy and narrow roads. Basically you have to be alert during the whole drive with two hands on the wheel. A disadvantage of driving the road in this direction is the fact that most people do not generally drive it counterclockwise. Therefore, you’re driving against most the crowd and you will run into areas on the road where you will be almost falling off the cliff to allow a car to get by you. In addition to going against the traffic, you’re on the right side of the road which is  the side not up by the mountain. In other words, you are on the edge of the cliff driving this direction, which yes it is very scary. That is why you have to be very careful throughout your whole journey.

Take some pills to tie you over if you get motion sickness because this car ride is something you have never experienced before. The road is worth every part of the beauty, you will not be disappointed.



Made up of green, orange, and white is the flag that represents Ireland. This flag is known throughout the country and Is shown across the island. The island of Ireland is located in the North Atlantic and is separated from Great Britain. Ireland is famous to many significant writers and holds the capital, Dublin. On this island, many festivities are held and Saint Patrick’s Day is the largest of them. Many other great attractions lay here for tourists to come see as well.

When in Ireland, you want to experience as much as you can. With a limited amount of time, you want to know the best places. Start off with the Killarney National Park. At this park you will get to walk through lush forests, mountains, valleys, and lakes. It is very unique to Ireland and is established as their first national park. Next on the “to do list” is the Blarney Castle. This castle is part of the medieval era and is a mansion style. The castle got its name, Blarney Castle because of the Blarney stone it is made out of. In this castle you can enjoy the inside as much as the walk outside. There are many amazing views that lay within it. Another great site you don’t want to miss is The Burren. The Burren is a vast landscape of cracked pavement. Other than the pavement is many rock formations, cliffs, caves, and fossils. You will not miss out on the adventure if you stop here. The most significant part of The Burren is the thousands of seabirds who live on the Atlantic coast. If you see The Burren you also have to go to the Dingle Peninsula because it is also located on the Atlantic coast. This peninsula is home to many sandy beaches, more cliffs, hills, mountains, and Irish culture. You will pick up on the language here as well as the heritage. This site is very do able and loved by several tourists. Lastly, take a day to visit the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This cathedral is found in Dublin and is nationally known. It holds much music of the culture and has many ceremonies throughout the week. The cathedral is so important to Ireland because of the holiday. Also, the Irish spend lots of time here.

Ireland is definitely a bucket list place to go. If you like the warm weather I suggest going in April-September because it can get chilly. There is so much to see and do and with a little experience it can spare you a lot of knowledge.

Beijing, China

11.5 million people are found in Beijing, China. So if you end up traveling there, expect to not be noticed and to be in a huge city. The city is very polluted so don’t except clear air like the United States.  Although it is over populated and polluted, the city has a lot to offer to tourists. You will find several activities to participate in and sites to go tour. You don’t want to feel rushed though, there is so much to take in so give yourself enough time.

In Beijing you can see the following four historical sites: the Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, and the Temple of Heaven. First off, the Forbidden City is unique to China as a whole and Beijing is known all over the world for it. The Forbidden city is a museum and palace complex. The Palace dates back to the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the center of Beijing and found inside of it is the museum is many artifacts and structures. This Palace Museum really shows Beijing’s architecture. The Great Wall of China is another must see. It stretches 13,710 miles and has a history of more than 2,000 years old. You can walk the whole wall if you please or just parts of it. Most of the walk is stairs, some is paved, and the rest is just remains. Next, the Summer Palace is a grand place to visit. The Palace consists of vast lakes, gardens, and palaces. Here you can hangout at the park, observe your surroundings, and take pictures of the views. This spot attracts many tourists so be ready for a crowd. Lastly, the Temple of Heaven which is a historical temple complex. This temple is found in the southeastern part of Beijing. At the temple you’re able to walk through it and take in all the religious artifacts and structures.

Beijing holds some of the most famous historical sites in the world. Don’t vacation here if you vacation for the beaches, ocean, and warm weather. Although it’s not necessarily a relaxing vacation, it has a lot to offer especially for people who come to get a good learning experience. The city is historical, mystical, and you will have to figure out the rest when you visit.

Key West, FL

There is more to Florida than Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World is just the part of Florida that is really family and kid oriented. In addition to Orlando and all the fun, Key West is another major part of Florida. It is oriented more towards adults but you can take your kids there if you please.

Key West is a small island off the coast of Florida, part of the Keys. Key West is unique to the keys because it holds Florida’s southernmost point. The island of Key West is known for the laid back people living there and the culture the island portrays. The houses on this island are conch-style drawing lots of attention. If you ever visit Key West the most popular activity to participate in is their snorkeling and diving. Key West and the other keys in general rich with colorful and eye catching coral.

On average the temperatures in Key West stay warm enough to layout on the beach everyday of the year. This also means you can visit the beautiful island any week you’re free so why not go. First, take a trip to the buoy where you can get your picture with the southern most point in the continental United States. Next, go to Duval Steet where you can shop a miles worth of shops. Shopping on this street will give you the vibe of a downtown setting, It is their most famous street stretching north to south of the island. After you shop, take a bit to eat at a diner and then go to Mallory Square and enjoy a beautiful sunset located on the waterfront in Key West. You will catch some of the most amazing sunsets at this point. Lastly, take a trip to the Dry Tortugas National Park. The Dry Tortugas National Park preserves Fort Jefferson and the Seven Dry Tortugas islands. This park is known world wide for its picturesque blue waters and variety of birds who fly by all day long.

Key West is really a preferable place to visit. This key is just as good as Walt Disney World and and here you can relax on the beaches opposed to just laying out at the wave pool. Take a vacation to Key West and if you don’t think it will keep you busy, cruise through the Florida Keys. Cruise or destination, both will be desirable.

What to do on a Plane

Flying through the air can get very long and boring. Airplanes are compact and don’t have much entertainment included in them. Although if you can’t find the right position to sit in or you are feeling bored out of your mind, there are a variety of things to do to stay busy and productive.

To start off, in most planes you will figure out there are two sections. The two sections are first-class and coach. The first-class section is for those who fly for work or those who just want to pay a boat load extra for a more fitting seat. The coach section is for those who want to save up some money and fly in the normal seats. Both sections are suitable for everyone. Most people fly in coach, simply because it is less expensive.

In coach there aren’t as many luxuries as there is in first-class but you can still have a productive flight. First, watch a movie that the airplane provides. Usually, on a long flight even if you’re in coach, the airplane plays a family friendly movie that everyone will enjoy. Next, get a snack from the flight attendant and then lay your head down on a pillow for a nice snooze. These two activities will take up a good three to four hours. you might not want to nap though, you can always bring a book with you and read for awhile. The planes provide lights for those eager to breakout a new book. Another activity that is always fun to do on a plane during the day time is to look out your window, if you have the window seat, and look at the clouds and state the shape you see. this can get very creative. Lets say, none of those activities sound fun to you. The airplanes do offer wi-fi and you can bring a tablet and play games, online shop, or maybe just do your own little thing like homework for instance or stalking your best friends on social media.

There are really an endless amount of things to do on a plane. Take advantage of your opportunities and pack for the fun!