Packing for a Plane Ride

As you may or may not know, when traveling by airplane it is a little bit harder to accommodate all your needs in such a configured area. You usually get one carry-on suitcase and a carry-on bag. You can also check suitcases in and then they are stowed under the plane. When checking suitcases in, your travel can get more expensive. Usually, I just take a carry-on suitcase, bag and then our family will check the suitcase will all the liquids.

Regulations for airplanes are straight forward.  The same rules apply for every airline. The most important factor you want to pay attention to is the liquid limits. If you are trying to pack liquids in a carry-on bag you can’t pack a bottle over 100 milliliters. You also get one quart-sized baggy per person for the carry-on option. The only exemptions are if you’re traveling with medication or infant nourishments. Now if you are planning on stowing your liquids under the plane and allowing your bag to be checked then you are allowed liquids over 100 milliliters.

Some helpful tips when packing for a long trip is to condense. The main element to attend to is how much you can fit in a suitcase. It is like loading up a dishwasher, you want the most dishes to fit in the washer so it is more efficient. When packing efficiency is key. You want to roll your clothes opposed to folding them. May sound weird but whenever you roll clothes, space is saved and on average you will be able to fit at least three most shirts when rolling your clothes. Another helpful trick for condensing clothes is to dress in layers the day of your flight. This may sound stupid but hey with one extra sweatshirt wrapped around you or tank top under your shirt will add to your closet when arriving at your destination. Lastly, packing may become super stressful so before you start the process, make a list of packing items. This will hep you become more organized and less stressed as to if you are forgetting an essential item.

With these three tips and helpful regulation information you will be set when flying away from home. The condensing will help you to bring more than you need and the list will help you to not worry when you’re on your flight thinking over things you forgot. Review these and be the most sufficient packer.


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