What to do on a Plane

Flying through the air can get very long and boring. Airplanes are compact and don’t have much entertainment included in them. Although if you can’t find the right position to sit in or you are feeling bored out of your mind, there are a variety of things to do to stay busy and productive.

To start off, in most planes you will figure out there are two sections. The two sections are first-class and coach. The first-class section is for those who fly for work or those who just want to pay a boat load extra for a more fitting seat. The coach section is for those who want to save up some money and fly in the normal seats. Both sections are suitable for everyone. Most people fly in coach, simply because it is less expensive.

In coach there aren’t as many luxuries as there is in first-class but you can still have a productive flight. First, watch a movie that the airplane provides. Usually, on a long flight even if you’re in coach, the airplane plays a family friendly movie that everyone will enjoy. Next, get a snack from the flight attendant and then lay your head down on a pillow for a nice snooze. These two activities will take up a good three to four hours. you might not want to nap though, you can always bring a book with you and read for awhile. The planes provide lights for those eager to breakout a new book. Another activity that is always fun to do on a plane during the day time is to look out your window, if you have the window seat, and look at the clouds and state the shape you see. this can get very creative. Lets say, none of those activities sound fun to you. The airplanes do offer wi-fi and you can bring a tablet and play games, online shop, or maybe just do your own little thing like homework for instance or stalking your best friends on social media.

There are really an endless amount of things to do on a plane. Take advantage of your opportunities and pack for the fun!


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