Key West, FL

There is more to Florida than Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World is just the part of Florida that is really family and kid oriented. In addition to Orlando and all the fun, Key West is another major part of Florida. It is oriented more towards adults but you can take your kids there if you please.

Key West is a small island off the coast of Florida, part of the Keys. Key West is unique to the keys because it holds Florida’s southernmost point. The island of Key West is known for the laid back people living there and the culture the island portrays. The houses on this island are conch-style drawing lots of attention. If you ever visit Key West the most popular activity to participate in is their snorkeling and diving. Key West and the other keys in general rich with colorful and eye catching coral.

On average the temperatures in Key West stay warm enough to layout on the beach everyday of the year. This also means you can visit the beautiful island any week you’re free so why not go. First, take a trip to the buoy where you can get your picture with the southern most point in the continental United States. Next, go to Duval Steet where you can shop a miles worth of shops. Shopping on this street will give you the vibe of a downtown setting, It is their most famous street stretching north to south of the island. After you shop, take a bit to eat at a diner and then go to Mallory Square and enjoy a beautiful sunset located on the waterfront in Key West. You will catch some of the most amazing sunsets at this point. Lastly, take a trip to the Dry Tortugas National Park. The Dry Tortugas National Park preserves Fort Jefferson and the Seven Dry Tortugas islands. This park is known world wide for its picturesque blue waters and variety of birds who fly by all day long.

Key West is really a preferable place to visit. This key is just as good as Walt Disney World and and here you can relax on the beaches opposed to just laying out at the wave pool. Take a vacation to Key West and if you don’t think it will keep you busy, cruise through the Florida Keys. Cruise or destination, both will be desirable.


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