Beijing, China

11.5 million people are found in Beijing, China. So if you end up traveling there, expect to not be noticed and to be in a huge city. The city is very polluted so don’t except clear air like the United States.  Although it is over populated and polluted, the city has a lot to offer to tourists. You will find several activities to participate in and sites to go tour. You don’t want to feel rushed though, there is so much to take in so give yourself enough time.

In Beijing you can see the following four historical sites: the Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, and the Temple of Heaven. First off, the Forbidden City is unique to China as a whole and Beijing is known all over the world for it. The Forbidden city is a museum and palace complex. The Palace dates back to the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the center of Beijing and found inside of it is the museum is many artifacts and structures. This Palace Museum really shows Beijing’s architecture. The Great Wall of China is another must see. It stretches 13,710 miles and has a history of more than 2,000 years old. You can walk the whole wall if you please or just parts of it. Most of the walk is stairs, some is paved, and the rest is just remains. Next, the Summer Palace is a grand place to visit. The Palace consists of vast lakes, gardens, and palaces. Here you can hangout at the park, observe your surroundings, and take pictures of the views. This spot attracts many tourists so be ready for a crowd. Lastly, the Temple of Heaven which is a historical temple complex. This temple is found in the southeastern part of Beijing. At the temple you’re able to walk through it and take in all the religious artifacts and structures.

Beijing holds some of the most famous historical sites in the world. Don’t vacation here if you vacation for the beaches, ocean, and warm weather. Although it’s not necessarily a relaxing vacation, it has a lot to offer especially for people who come to get a good learning experience. The city is historical, mystical, and you will have to figure out the rest when you visit.


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