Made up of green, orange, and white is the flag that represents Ireland. This flag is known throughout the country and Is shown across the island. The island of Ireland is located in the North Atlantic and is separated from Great Britain. Ireland is famous to many significant writers and holds the capital, Dublin. On this island, many festivities are held and Saint Patrick’s Day is the largest of them. Many other great attractions lay here for tourists to come see as well.

When in Ireland, you want to experience as much as you can. With a limited amount of time, you want to know the best places. Start off with the Killarney National Park. At this park you will get to walk through lush forests, mountains, valleys, and lakes. It is very unique to Ireland and is established as their first national park. Next on the “to do list” is the Blarney Castle. This castle is part of the medieval era and is a mansion style. The castle got its name, Blarney Castle because of the Blarney stone it is made out of. In this castle you can enjoy the inside as much as the walk outside. There are many amazing views that lay within it. Another great site you don’t want to miss is The Burren. The Burren is a vast landscape of cracked pavement. Other than the pavement is many rock formations, cliffs, caves, and fossils. You will not miss out on the adventure if you stop here. The most significant part of The Burren is the thousands of seabirds who live on the Atlantic coast. If you see The Burren you also have to go to the Dingle Peninsula because it is also located on the Atlantic coast. This peninsula is home to many sandy beaches, more cliffs, hills, mountains, and Irish culture. You will pick up on the language here as well as the heritage. This site is very do able and loved by several tourists. Lastly, take a day to visit the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This cathedral is found in Dublin and is nationally known. It holds much music of the culture and has many ceremonies throughout the week. The cathedral is so important to Ireland because of the holiday. Also, the Irish spend lots of time here.

Ireland is definitely a bucket list place to go. If you like the warm weather I suggest going in April-September because it can get chilly. There is so much to see and do and with a little experience it can spare you a lot of knowledge.


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