Road to Hana

The best adventure lies in the eastern end of Maui, Hawaii. Maui is an island part of the Hawaiian islands and has a very differed atmosphere depending on what side of the island you’re on. The eastern part of Maui starts drier towards the southern areas and then leads to more wet as you drive north.

Our family just vacationed to Maui for our spring break trip. Other than the amazing beaches and scorching sun, we went on the Road to Hana adventure. The Road to Hana isn’t just a straight road going through a bunch of different scenic views. This road is very windy, twisted, hilly, and narrow. It is the most complex road you will ever experience. My family and I started on the dry end of the road and then drove counterclockwise heading through the wet side. We noticed pros and cons doing the loop this way. An advantage with going counterclockwise was you get to the seven sacred pools quicker. Arriving at the sacred pools in the morning is good because it will be at the beginning of your adventure and these pools including the falls you can walk to will talk about 2.5 hours. The walk to the falls is about four miles so you will be in good shape getting it out of the way when you’re still fresh in the morning. Another advantage about driving in this direction is due to the road conditions. The road has more gravel and lose rocks along it on the drier side than the wetter side. The gravel may cause you to have to slow down or even stop periodically so the doing it at the beginning of you’re trip when you’re more alert will be beneficial. But don’t get to excited, the wetter part of Hana also has crazy curvy and narrow roads. Basically you have to be alert during the whole drive with two hands on the wheel. A disadvantage of driving the road in this direction is the fact that most people do not generally drive it counterclockwise. Therefore, you’re driving against most the crowd and you will run into areas on the road where you will be almost falling off the cliff to allow a car to get by you. In addition to going against the traffic, you’re on the right side of the road which is  the side not up by the mountain. In other words, you are on the edge of the cliff driving this direction, which yes it is very scary. That is why you have to be very careful throughout your whole journey.

Take some pills to tie you over if you get motion sickness because this car ride is something you have never experienced before. The road is worth every part of the beauty, you will not be disappointed.



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