Road to Hana pt. 3

The red sand beach and the seven sacred pools aren’t the only things to see along the road to Hana. Those are just a small portion of the adventure.

Also found alongside the road are black sand beaches, waterfalls, and random lookout points. One specific lookout point I will never forget is the Nahiku spot. As you’re driving you will come upon a sign saying “Nahiku road goes 2.5 miles until you reach the closed bridge.” My dad turned onto the road, as we drove further down this road everything was looking a little sketchy and we were all unsure if we should be there. Eventually, we were lead to the closed bridge. We then parked the car and got out to walk over the bridge. The bridge was kind of frightening as there were cracks and holes in it. We got across and then had a ten minute hike to the lookout point. This point was amazing, no one was there and we got to see waterfalls from afar. In addition we saw waves crashing into the gigantic rock formations along the coastline. The weather was hazy and humid. With all the skeptical looks we got driving to and from this spot we were glad we did it. After this lookout we were all exhausted and decided we would continue looking at all the natural beauty from the car. You would come upon unexpected waterfalls right out your window and 400 ft. drops.

This Road to Hana trip was incredible. You are definitely missing out if you don’t drive this long, twisty, sickening road while you’re in Maui.


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