Art Matters. According to Hannah Hulman art strives to make us better humans. It creates dreams and hopes in our lives. Hulman states that art isn’t just drawing, it is painting, dancing, acting, performing, sculptures, designs, music, etc.

Hulman lives half of the year in New York and the other half in Iowa City. This allows her to not only express her art in Iowa but also to become more knowledgeable in New York. The cello is the instrument you will find in Hulman’s hands. Out of the cello comes a beautiful array of sounds. She plays pieces of work dating back to 1717 and advancing to current day songs. While she plays the cello, you can feel her emotion through the way she sways side to side, back and forth, and up and down. She believes that music moves us in different way and challenges us.

Hulman feels as the civilizations in the world vanish they are remembered by art. She strongly thinks art is in memory and has an everlasting mark on people’s lives. When individual’s in the arts pass away it really strikes Hulman. She is moved by the spirit of artists and values them being around to keep inspiring her. Hulman shared a story of an overseas country losing art for 13 years because of the war. She wouldn’t know what to do without art. We in America are so grateful and blessed with all we have and for there to always be a play, musical, or feature we can go enjoy.

There are some important questions to keep in mind on the topic of art matters. When is something pure entertainment and when is it art? Does it matter if you’re alone of with a group? Does it matter where you’re at in the presence of art? All these questions are key to someone when reviewing art. You want to be in the moment and feel comfortable. Art shouldn’t be a forced matter it should be a time where someone can express themselves in their unique way.

Hulman plays many different genres of music, not just classical pieces. One of the songs I got to hear her perform was by the artist, U2. This is a more well-known artist. “I live in the moment and play in the moment,” Hulman said. Everyone should find and try their own work of art. Express yourself for people to notice you.


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