Woman in Afghanistan

In America we are very lucky, we have many opportunities and freedoms that we take for granted. Americans have more freedoms than anyone else in the world and forget how good we have it. Other ethnic groups wished they could experience the life of an American, especially Afghanistan woman. In the book, The Lovers a young lady, Zakia lives with her parents, brothers, and sisters. Zakia is one of the oldest of all her siblings and has a brave soul.

In the Afghanistan culture, men overpower woman. The father of a daughter decides who she will marry and what she will do with her life. Fathers always have control over their daughter even after the daughter has become married. A husband is supposed to except his wives father to still rule her. Even the brother of a sister has complete control over his sister and can beat her or curse at her. This is considered normal in the culture of the Afghans.

Zakia, the main character in The Lovers has experienced her brother beating and cursing at her. Although you might think she likes getting cursed at more, she actually prefers the beating. Zakia doesn’t like the harsh words that get to her feelings. She has also experienced her father taking control of her decisions and actions. Reguarlly Afghan woman are married by the age of 16 years old. Not Zakia, she is now 18 and still single. Her father decided to wait on her since she is a special young lady with lots of potential. Zakia has fairly smooth skin, nice hands, and long hair. All these qualities give Zakia’s father a better chance of finding Zakia a husband who will pay a high bride price. This will benefit her dad by receiving money from the man to help out his family.

Without her fathers permission, Zakia has already found a true love and a man she desires to marry. This guy is named Ali and is from another village which is even worse for the chances of their marriage. Zakia’s father is appalled and has no interest in Ali. This is completely against the Afghan culture to marry someone from another village and not founded by your father. Zakia is even betrayed by her siblings and has no family support.

Although Zakia doesn’t have support, she still sneaks out and tries to be with Ali. Their love has not ended and they fight for each other everyday.


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