Containment in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan woman are contained and kept in various camps. Depending on what village the women came from, the government separates them. These woman are taken from their families and have to leave almost everything behind if they have disobeyed the law or their husband. The husband is the ruler in their society. Men take control over the females and that is just how it is.

In The Lovers, Zakia has disobeyed her father by falling in love with “Romeo,” Ali from another village. Her father doesn’t approve of this man since he is not in their “league.” Zakia is then disowned by her family and sent to a camp in their village. She takes a small phone with her so she can communicate with Ali. At this camp she is roomed with other women she has come in contact with throughout her life. Zakia tells her love story to them and they understand her pain. All she can do now is escape and fight for Ali. Nothing stops Zakia, she stays in touch with Ali from time to time on her phone. Every once in a while she plans to run away and jump the wall to meet up with him. Most attempts have been a failure. On her final attempt, Zakia escapes as her friends help out. She makes it over the wall and has to be extremely careful not to be seen by a guy or else she would be turned in. As Ali is waiting for a call, he lays in bed thinking about Zakia. Eventually, he receives a call and set out to pick up “Juliet.” Zakia tells him where she’s at and as soon as she knew it he was there to get her. They kept driving up the mountain to get further and further away from the village. In no time, the alarms had sounded and villagers knew Zakia had gotten out. She was frightened but with the help of Ali’s family, they were able to jump out into the brush and hide out for a couple nights.

Woman are treated poorly in Afghanistan and not highly thought of. They are there to satisfy the men and do the labor men are unable or to tired to do. As Zakia fights for her love, we will see if she survives the harsh conditions on her journey.


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