Afghanistan is a landlocked country closed between Iran, Pakistan, Taijkistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. These are all found in South Asia. This country is an Islamic Republic and has a population of approximately 32 million people making it the 42nd most populous country. The capital is Kabul and within the country are many villages and towns. In The Lovers, Zakia and Ali basically hike through the whole country.

Zakia and Ali are from the Bamiyan village. In this village everyone knows everyone and right after the escape of The Lovers, police force look for them immediately. Ali and Zakia run up many mountains throughout the town looking for a hideout. They have to be very careful and stay on the look out because if they get caught they are basically going to die. Everything is worth it to them. During March all the way through October of 2014, The Lovers are on routes trying to find safety.

Now since The Lovers are married, they are more dangerous then before because the families have completely disowned them. Except one of Ali’s relatives who is helping them to another home. Other than that, Zakia and Ali risk to never see their family ever again until it is safe someday which in their case it might never be safe. With the love they have for each other, time won’t be to rough. They constantly sing songs and read poems to one another. A highlight for Zakia was when she got her pictures professionally taken with Ali. She said she felt so pretty and it was something she never experienced before.

As for right now, Zakia and Ali just found a house with one nearby neighbor where they can stay. They have very little to live off of but they are thankful for shelter. All they can do for now is keep their minds off the stories of past couples who have tried fleeing the country for their affection. Ali and Zakia both know of many people who have faced the consequences, but not them. The Lovers keep their heads up and live day to day fighting for their rights.


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