There are eight main Hawaiian Islands and one of them is Lana’i. Lana’i isn’t really known for a bunch of tourists, it is known for its awesome snorkeling and beauty. During spring break this year my family traveled to Maui but we decided to take a day trip over to Lana’i because of it’s high reviews.

My mom booked a snorkeling excursion with the company, Trilogy for a day. On this trip we boarded a catamaran at 6:30 in the morning and got to be awake to view the sunrise. It was a clear morning with a blue and light pink sky, absolutely beautiful. After we got settled in on the boat the crew served us refreshments of coffee and hot cocoa. As we were gliding through the ocean, we got to see whales breach, dolphins jump, and birds fly overhead. The most incredible part was getting to see a whale breach in the ocean because not many places in the world do whales show off their tricks. As we were nearing the Lana’i, the sun was out and the day was warm. The staff docked the boat and we got off and took a taxi to our snorkel spot. At the snorkel spot, we got to lay out in the sun, take on some massive waves, and of course snorkel in the ocean. These waters held some colorful fish with an array of coral. Onto of the fish and snorkel, we had an attractive “lifeguard” as our watch out. My dad and I spent a good two hours swimming around with the fish and then came back to shore. When we got back, the group was ready for lunch at the oceanfront where our boat had dropped us off. The lunch wasn’t just mediocre. We got to try some of the best Hawaiian fried food and sweet rolls. The meal was very appetizing to start us on our way back to Maui. The crew gathered us up and we all got back on the catamaran. On the way back we got to put up the sail and enjoy that for a while. Other than that we got ice cream and chocolate sauce. The ride was pleasant and I got to meet some girls from St. Louis who were my age. Before we knew it the day was over and it was 3:00 in the afternoon.

Trilogy has some great trips and if you ever travel to Hawaii, I highly recommend the Trilogy trips. I have now been to Molikini and Lana’i and they both have been wonderful.


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