Big/Little Beach

One of the best beaches in the world is found in Maui, Hawaii. This beach is known world wide and after being to Hawaii two times, it is hands down one of my favorite beaches. The beach is named, Makena Beach. Or for the locals it is known as “big beach” because right next to it there is a smaller beach you can get to.

A month ago when my family went to Maui, we went out to Makena beach and during our relaxing time my dad and I had to go over to little beach and explore the dangers. We hiked up a steep, rocky hill and made it to a peek where we could overlook big beach and then on the other side we saw little beach. My dad and I walked on over to little beach and found out in a matter of seconds it was a nude beach. We were the only ones clothed but that did not stop us from the adventure. On past we walked and found a rocky and lush lookout area. There is just so much to explore and see in Maui. Every beach you go to you will have a tad excitement.

Big Beach is the better beach between big and little beach. It has a cool scenic background with many trees, plants, and some animals. This beach has countless waves and soft sand. You will fall in love with this beach if you like neat views because right out from the shore you can view Molokai and Molikini Crater. These are two grand pieces of land that are shaped in funky formations. The beach isn’t super crowded but a lot of people do venture to this area because of the high ratings it gets. You will have your own space but also get to see and meet other families and locals.

On your next trip to Maui, be sure to visit big beach and if you go over to little beach, don’t look away from the ocean. You will enjoy all of the natural beauty and relaxation. Don’t miss out and travel to Makena Beach and Park.


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