Plane ride from island to island was about a half an hour. That half an hour flew by, I had landed on the last island of our trip, Oahu. Oahu was very touristy with several more people than Maui or The Big Island. On Oahu you find Honolulu, the capital of the state. This island had lots of shopping, places to eat, and beaches to bath on.

We weren’t going to waist any time as our vacation was winding down. First, we sat on our balcony of our house and enjoyed the sailboat show in the bay. This show was really neat including many sailboats sailing through the bay showing off their style. Then we became tired from the day of travel and finally crashed. The next morning we woke up at a decent time and drove down to all the shopping strips and fun boutique areas where my mom and I shopped.  While we were shopping, my dad and my brother learned how to surf with a trained instructor. Of course right before my mom and I showed up to see how the surfers were doing, my dad had fell off the board and pulled a hamstring. This incident left for a long day ahead of him. Up on the agenda for the third day was to tour Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was a touching exhibit, still not as touching as the 9/11 memorial in New York but still emotional. We all received headsets and enjoyed an audio tour through the grounds and off into the Diamond Head memorial. Looking down from the memorial you could see the USS Arizona ship and oil leaking out still to this day.

Lastly, the thing we were all urging to do was go to the well known, Hanauma Bay. This bay was formed within a volcanic cone and offers many marine life for visitors to snorkel around. The bay sees on average 3000 patrons a day. Due to the preservation and conservation of the bay it has many regulations and rules for people to follow. Make sure if you go to the bay you’re ready to learn, follow directions, and have a great time swimming around with the animals and coral below the surface.

The whole vacation had now come to an end. Oahu was a great experience along with the other two islands. I really enjoyed Maui the best to say the least. Maui was my favorite because it was really laid back and the island was less touristy compared to Oahu. If I were to go back I would want to go see Kauai along with visiting Maui again. The Hawaiian Islands have a natural beauty to them you won’t find anywhere else.


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