It All Comes to an End

It all comes to an end with this final post. Over the past school year I’ve been able to sit down every week and blog about something that interests me. Every blog post has been written with the intent to bring back a memory and share my great adventure with someone else.

I have really enjoyed giving suggestions to others along the way, in hopes someone would visit the destination I was referring to. All of the facts throughout my blogs have been accurate and I believe have helped make the vacation area seem more desirable. Ranging from Iowa to Honduras, you can’t go wrong with any of the places I’ve informed you on.

Some of these blog posts have been some of my favorite stories. For example the the blog where I go into detail on the shopping in New York City. Why shopping? Well shopping is one of my favorite activities to do and being able to write about it for someone felt good.

I will be discontinuing my blogs because in a couple of days summer vacation starts. My summer will be consumed of lifeguarding, dancing, camps, and hopefully some down time. Although I will not be blogging during the upcoming school year, I will be continuing to write for my school newspaper, the Torch. You can check out my web stories at or you can pick up a newspaper monthly at Kennedy High School. To blog, write for the Torch, and take four college classes would be too much of a commitment so I’m giving the blogs up for now. Someday in a couple of years, I might come back and update my blogs on the new places I’ve traveled, but until then, it has been great getting to relieve my vacations through writing and sharing them with you. Thanks!


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