Designing photo pages, creating info graphics and interviewing many students describes my role as photo editor. The focus of being a photo editor is to design pages for the magazine. I love this job because I get to be creative and think of ways I can arrange pictures, texts and info graphics across two pages. During this year I completed ten photo pages for the issue, two for the fall issue, two for the winter issue, two for the February issue, two for the March issue, and two for the senior issue. In my fall spread, I got pictures from various students sharing activities they participated in throughout the season. Found in my winter spread are facts about real vs. artificial Christmas trees and photos of students trees in their homes. Featured in my February spread are students faces in chocolate candies, explaining their favorite Valentine’s presents. Lastly, on my March photo pages are images of teachers and students in their prom dresses. (Below you can find pictures of my fall spread, winter spread, February spread, and March spread.)




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