As a leader in Torch I have been assigned to two main jobs, photo editor and web manager. These jobs are great for me because I am very serious about editing classmates stories and I love designing photo pages for the magazine. In addition to these positions, I also help teach the future members of Torch how to correctly write journalism type stories. For example, I taught a mini lesson on errors I look for when proof reading papers. Some of these errors include: after quoting someone, making sure to put a last name first and then the word “said”, when writing a date, always to spell out only the first three letters of the month, and having a photo to incorporate with each story. Other than creating photo pages, helping the journalism students and managing the website, I am also involved with the Torch twitter account. During the week of the flood, I tweeted out many pictures of the city and students at Kennedy helping sandbag. Since I am a part of the dance team, I frequently will tweet updates and times of competitions and when attending sporting events I like to tweet out crucial updates. In conclusion, I enjoy my jobs and the added roles given to me. Every assignment gives me opportunities to learn and improve the work I publish in the magazine and online.


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