Before starting to write any story, I immediately will plan out a story map. My story maps include the people I will be interviewing and the questions I will be asking each individual. (Below is an example of one of my story maps.)


After constructing the map, I will then proceed to interview my sources. While interviewing, I usually record the conversation with the person, along with taking notes on the main points. Recording the conversation helps me so I can keep up with what the person has to say and if I am unsure of an answer given, I can always go back and re-listen to the interview. Then I will start writing and drafting the story. Generally after I complete my first draft, other writers/editors will review and make changes to it. (Below is an example from the first draft to the second.)


Lastly, after proof reading and editing my drafts I upload my final story to the online publishing site, SNO. This allows my editors or I to publish the story for the public to read.


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