As the year comes to an end, I have noticed many accomplishments of mine. Every couple of weeks I completed a reflection on three jobs I did. After reviewing those reflections, I can conclude that I have done lots of copy editing, wrote a couple stories and sent out occasional tweets. As a team member of Torch, I notice myself focusing on editing/publishing stories most. Although the other jobs I do for the staff are important, I am the main member to timely post stories. Skills I feel solid on are proof reading, communicating to other editors/writers and keeping up with deadlines. Some areas I will try to expand on if I join the Iowa State newspaper are: writing more stories, improving my photo qualities and making sure to post frequently. I believe with the help I have been given at Kennedy through Torch, I will be able to transition into a college newspaper class more swiftly. Creating more unique pages is my prime goal for my future newspaper career. This is crucial to me because I will want students and community members in Ames to relate to my work and be excited about it. Even though my senior year is now over, I have several goals to achieve in future newspaper classes. I look forward to watching the Kennedy Torch prosper and to continue my journey at Iowa State.


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