In Torch I utilize many technological programs to design my pages, present information, edit photos and gather data. The programs are: In-design, Photoshop, SNO, Piktochart and Twitter. In-design is the program I use to create my photo pages. Typically, I add background colors, insert pictures, insert texts and incorporate info graphics on in-design. Photoshop is the application I use when I want to crop, increase/decrease resolution or edit a picture. This program is very helpful and is compatible with in-design. SNO is the online site I edit, review and publish stories on. It is a great website for a student magazine because it has various features and ways you can customize it. Piktochart is the program I use to create info graphics. Info graphics are helpful for photo pages because they can add a more unique look to the page instead of just adding photos taken from a camera. (Below is an example of one of my info graphics.)


Lastly, Twitter is the program I use to promote web stories, express news and gather information to write stories. This application is one of the most essential resources for me. Overall, each of these technological programs are very useful and serve as a base for me to grow as an editor/writer.


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