Road to Hana pt. 2

Other than the extravagant road, the trip is very thrilling and interesting. At one point I didn’t want the road to end because I wanted to continue viewing unexpected waterfalls, different colored birds, lush forests, and many beaches created by lava.

The road to Hana has a lot to see and you will need a whole day and maybe even an extra day to do everything you want to fit in. First, I recommend to drive the counterclockwise direction like we did. This will make sure you arrive at the seven sacred pools and the tallest waterfall in Maui before you get too tired to walk it. The hike is about four miles and you want to be in a good condition because the walk is steep at points, bumpy, narrow, and you need your balance and attentiveness. After walking through woods, bamboo, over bridges, and through cricks the falls is very neat. You can get your picture with it and enjoy it and then you have a two mile hike back. Let me tell you, the walk back goes by way faster than the walk to the falls. When you get back on ground level you can take the next loop to the seven sacred pools. These pools are connected by waterfalls flowing over edges. You almost have to experience both of these natural land forms because they are amazing. Up next to get excited for is the Red Sand beach. This beach is actually in the town of Hana. It is kind of a struggle to get to but after making it there you will be in shock with all its natural beauty. I do have to stress that the stretch to the beach is quite treacherous. You have to slide down a steep hill in which end at a cliff, and then scale the rock on the side of the mountain to get to the beach which leads you down a drop off. I promise after you get to the beach you will have no regrets because you get to see red sand, red rock, big waves held back by the lava, and a scenic view surrounds you. This beach was my favorite part about Maui and I would love to return. A tip when traveling to this beach is to also be careful when entering the trail because you have to trespass on someones lawn. Trespassing in Hawaii is illegal but with this natural landmark you should go for it.

These two activities were my favorites along the road. I highly recommend both of them and a little advice is to bring good walking tennis shoes. You will get lots of exercise. Be prepared and go out on your adventure the next time you visit Maui.


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